A La Carte Menu:

Choose the following wedding filming options
to build your wedding movie beyond our base
rate.  A la Carte rates include editing.

* "Love Story" Video - $400
* Engagement interview with couple - $350
* Engagement party - $300
* Bridal shower - $300
* Rehearsal - $150
* Rehearsal or groom's dinner - $300
* Hair/makeup salon session - $150
* Bride or groom preparations at the wedding
site - $150
* 3rd Location on wedding day - $150
* Photo montage creation - $3.00 per photo
* Photo montage displayed on TV (looping
DVD) at reception - $150
* Photo montage creation and projection on
large screen at reception - $250
* Documentation of photo session after or
before ceremony - $150
* Client-produced video projection at
reception - $125
* Same Day Edit Option - $500 **
* Bride or groom interviewed before the
wedding - $150
* Wedding party and guest interviews - $200
* A second videographer at your
ceremony - $150 or reception - $300
* A third camera at your ceremony - $50
* Departure from the wedding reception site -
* Limo ride coverage - $150
* Additional hours at reception - $125 per hour
* Post-wedding brunch - $150
* Post-wedding gift opening - $150
* A 3 to 5 minute wedding highlights video for
you to share on social media - $300
* Additional DVDs - $20 each
* All raw footage on USB Thumb Drive - $100
* Video still digital files- $5.00 each
* Anniversary party - $300
* Additonal Digital HD copies of your
wedding video on USB Thumb Drives - $15

Except where noted, a la carte filming service
rates are based on one videographer/camera.

The raw footage fee is for cost of media, and
the time to copy and transfer raw video to

We will choose the appropriate royalty-fee
music and integrate it into your wedding
video. Because of copyright issues, popular
music can not be used in your wedding video.  
Pricing & Payment:

Our wedding video production rates are based upon
years of experience, filming services, the 40 to 60 hours
on editing the wedding video, the high quality of the
gear we use in production, demand, and availability

A one-third payment of total rate for our videography
service is due at the time of booking.  Signing a wedding
services agreement and making the deposit will reserve
your wedding filming date.  Minnesota Sales Tax will be
added to the rates for all weddings filmed in Minnesota!
Capture your special day with a videography
service from Kalton Communications!
** Same Day Edit Option:

A Same Day Edit of your wedding includes highlights of your wedding
(from pre-ceremony
and ceremony)

The SDE of your wedding will be projected on a large screen or displayed
on a flat screen at your wedding reception

Total Cost:  $500

Note:  This option is only available when there will be at least three (3)
hours between wedding Ceremony and Reception.
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Bill and Gini Kalton,
Wedding Videographers/Editors
We filmed our first wedding in 1997!
On your wedding day we will arrive at your
wedding ceremony location approximately 1.5
hours before your ceremony starts!
We would love to produce your wedding video!

Call us at 320-290-8491 or send email to:
$999 is our base rate for wedding videography.

The base rate includes:

*  One wedding videographer on-site at your wedding ceremony location for up to 4 hours

*  Two HD video cameras at your wedding ceremony

*  A wireless microphone used on the groom during the ceremony

*  Filming of pre-ceremony through receiving line at wedding ceremony site

*  Travel time between ceremony and reception locations

*  One videographer and one HD camera on-site at your reception location for up to 4 hours

*  Video editing with transitions, titles and effects

*  Completed wedding video on two DVDs and one digital HD copy on a USB Thumb Drive

Starting with our base rate, you can use our a la carte menu to add options to create an
affordable custom wedding videography service that will fit your budget and fulfill your needs.
Sound For Outdoor

Do you need a sound system and
operator for your outdoor wedding

Call 320-290-8491
        CALL OR E-MAIL US!

The following information about
your wedding will help us
determine the wedding
videography service that fits your
needs.  Please include it in your
first contact with us!

1. The date of your wedding.
2. The locations (s) of your
(ceremony, reception, etc).
3. The times and number of hours
that you will require a wedding
4. Your approximate budget for
wedding videography.       
Our travel fee is $1.00 per mile for mileage to travel to
locations outside a 75 mile radius of our studio.  In
situations where our videographers would need to
travel a full day to a location to film, we will charge
$750 for the full day of travel.  A lodging charge will
apply for overnight stays (Locations of more than 150
miles from our studio).
Kalton Communications offers wedding videography services to everyone.
We serve everyone equally, always have and always will!
Central Minnesota Wedding
"My wedding video is truly the
most beautiful thing I have ever
seen! Thank you!"

St. Cloud, MN
"I love my wedding video!  You guys did
a great job!!!!!!!!!!!"

Foley, MN
"Because of you, we will be able to relive
our special day allover."

Princeton, MN
"My daughter's wedding video is just
awesome . . . You do wonderful work!"

Milaca, MN
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