Kalton Communications, 16080 25th St NE, Foley, MN, USA; Ph: 320.290.8491;
Info@kaltoncommunications.com; Office/Studio visits are by appointment;

          Kaltoncom is a trade name of Kalton Communications.
Welcome to Kalton Communications!

We are a media company based in the heart of the
Midwest, near Foley, Minnesota.

Our business consists of three core areas:  video
production, professional sound, and advertising.

Video Production - Video is rapidly becoming
the communications tool of choice.  We produce a
variety of videos including business communication
videos, promotional & marketing videos, training
videos,  documentaries, and event videos.  Many
videos that we produce are available online for on
demand viewing.   

Pro Sound  - Our sound reinforcement services
provide vital communications for events.  We also
offer sound recording, sound editing and voice
talent services.

Advertising - Advertising is a means of
communication with potential users of products or
services.  We specialize in movie screen, Internet,
TV and radio advertising.
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We Film and
Wedding Movies!

here for
We can provide a solo videographer with
or without equipment, or provide a full
crew to shoot news, TV commercials,
sports, movie screen advertising,
documentaries,  special events, and more!

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