Advertising is one way for a business or organization to communicate
information to the public.  Advertising lets people know about products,
services, sales, meetings and events.  Advertising raises awareness and
increases participation in all kinds of activities.  

Kalton Communications offers movie screen, radio, cable TV and print
advertising, and event video and podcast sponsorships.  We sell
advertising, produce ads and offer ad placement services.

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Event Video Sponsorships!

Your ad is displayed on a dedicated web page next to our embedded event video.
You get one business card size ad on the page for $50.00

Your business or organization can underwrite Kalton Communications' filming
and production of event videos for $125.00 per video.

If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring an event video
produced by Kalton Communications, call 320-290-8491.   
We produce pre-shows with local ads.