* Founded in 1997 as a video production

* By 2015 Kalton Communications is a
video production, sound, and advertising

* Based near Foley, Minnesota.

* Owned & operated by Bill and Gini Kalton

* Number of employees:  2 full-time

* Mission:  

To preserve and create memories, inform,
entertain, enlighten, engage, and help
people, businesses and organizations market
and communicate.

* We offer our clients:

Creative value, artistic sensibilities,
quality work, friendly service, technical
expertise and knowledge, experience and
training, professional equipment, and a
variety of products and services.

* Clients hire us because of our
backgrounds, production talent, and we
create great-looking videos and great

* Often, a client's decision to hire us is
based on a feeling that they will get a
quality service for their investment.

* We operate Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm,
weekends as needed.
Company Profile
Bill Kalton has more than forty
has more than 20 years of
experience as a videographer.

Bill graduated from St. Cloud
State University with a degree
in Mass Communications,
specializing in radio and
television.  He enjoys being
involved in all facets of
production and has worked in
many areas of the media
production and broadcasting
industry, including radio station
dejay, voice talent for television
and video productions,
cameraman for live sporting
events, and a corporate video

Bill Kalton served on active duty
in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air
Force, and retired from the U.S.
Air Force Reserve as a
Lieutenant Colonel.  Bill's
military background includes
television and video production,
and public affairs.
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Fundraising Videos

Do you need a
fundraising video for
your church or non-
profit?  Kalton
produced a fund-
raising video for a
local church that was
raising funds for a new
building.  Teams of
volunteers from the
church visited church
members and played
the video for them.  
The church had a very
successful experience
with the campaign, and
church leaders said
that the video was very
crucial to the success
of the effort.
About Bill Kalton, Co-Owner
Maya -- Our Chief
Motivational Officer (CMO)
About Gini Kalton, Co-Owner
Gini Kalton's background,
before joining Kalton
Communications, was in still
photography and business

Gini is an experienced writer,
producer/director, editor,
videographer, still photographer
and graphic designer.

She has served as director and
editor on many video projects,  
and has been the editor on
many print projects.
Kalton Communications
is a proud member of
We film with        
HD video cameras!
To visit our
YouTube Channel,

It has been estimated that more than 80 percent of all Internet traffic by 2021 will be video!

Kalton Communications has extensive experience in the production of online video.
Kalton Communications
can provide a sound system
and operator for small and
medium events!